Quick and Easy Eye Exams in Glens Falls, New York

Eye Test chart—Eye Exams in Glens Falls, New York
We offer eye exams for the entire family. If you or your children have blurry vision, headaches or trouble reading it is important to have your eyes checked. Eye Exams are quick and usually take only 20-30 minutes.
The risk of eye diseases and injuries increases with age. Eye exams can help prevent vision deterioration by detecting potential issues in advance. This gives you the best chance for correcting or eliminating these eye issues. It is especially crucial if you have a health issue that affects your sight, like diabetes and high blood pressure. They may be covered by your VSP insurance, and the entire process is fairly quick.
• Vision Testing & Treatment Services
• Computerized Vision Testing
• Diagnostic Testing
• Glaucoma Testing
• Pachymetry
• Foreign Body Removal
• Testing for Eye Disorders
• Treatment of Eye Infections
Our exams detect cataracts and glaucoma. We have just upgraded to a new state-of-the-art system that uses computerized refraction equipment for eye exam testing.